Prior to the child’s admission the supervisor will provide a tour of the facility to the parents and their child. During the tour the supervisor will present the physical layout of the centre, introduce the family to staff members, review daily routines and determine if any program adaptations such as feeding protocols, special diets or specialized equipment is required. A registration package will be provided.

The supervisor and parents may develop a gradual admission plan to ensure a child’s placement is successful, and use additional support, which may include establishing a service agreement with special needs resourcing staff and discussing concerns and developing strategies.

The supervisor will then review the policies and procedures outlined in the parent manual.

Prior to the child’s admission, parents are required to:

  • Fill out the Registration Package and return it to the daycare.
  • Provide the Daycare with an up to date immunization record.
  • Complete the Agreement to Pay the Assessed Fee if applicable.