Early years are a critical time with regards to the emergence and development of the individuality, character and learning style of young children. We are providing a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for them to grow, explore and have fun.

Recognizing the individual

At Martin Luther Daycare we believe that each child is a unique individual who brings their own abilities to the program and deserves the encouragement and space to try new things, explore new ideas and develop their own creativity. Therefore we provide an inclusive environment and accept all the children offering the same range of options for early development and modify our programs to meet their developmental needs.

Community and parent involvement

We honour and respect all children’s beliefs, culture, language, and experiences acquired from their family and community. We believe that children benefit from respectful and meaningful relationships between childhood settings, families and communities. We recognize that families are the first and most powerful influence on children’s development and learning, and that their involvement through communication, volunteering, collaboration and decision-making has positive outcomes and strengthen communities. We encourage parents’ involvement in creating an environment that welcomes families, values their perspectives and provides opportunities to participate in our programs in the most comfortable and meaningful ways.

Holistic programming

Our staff promotes and nurtures children’s health and well-being. We provide programs to support our holistic approach to child development, including sports, dramatic and art, self-help skills and individual program plans set up in a healthy, safe and clean environment. We provide nutritious food and beverages, a creative positive eating environment and respect and support children’s varied physiological and biological rhythms for active play, rest and quiet time.

Interest-based curriculum

We believe that children are competent, capable and curious and have great potential. We encourage children but do not forced them to participate in activities that are planned based on observations of their interests. Our curriculum covers all equally important areas of child’s development: physical (gross and fine motor), social (awareness, respect, ability to share and cooperate), communication (verbal and non-verbal), self-esteem (self-awareness and positive self-image), and cognitive (comprehension, problem solving and skill acquisition).


Our practice is documented in a variety of ways: children’s portfolios, documentation panels and displays, written notes, collections of samples and newsletters. We value and recognize it as a way of reinforcement of the learning process, reflective action and method of comparing and sharing ideas and results as well as demonstrating and sharing evidence of development and learning with parents and others.


We support children’s ability to self-regulate, with the goal of this support being that children feel comfortable and confident with the learning environment. As responsive educators we help children to learn strategies to recognize their emotions and impulses, become or stay calm and focused, be aware of the effects of their actions, deal effectively with stressors and recover as opposed to self-control and suppressing emotions.

Play-based learning

Our programs focus on active play based learning. Play allows them to actively construct, challenge and expand understandings through making connections to prior experiences and opening the door to new learning. Intentional play based learning allows children to investigate, ask questions, solve problems, and engage in critical thinking. It encourages children’s communication, self-expression and self-regulation. We help children to deal with stress, remain calm, alert and ready to learn. We foster communication and expression in all forms believing that every child is a capable, competent and rich in potential unique individual.