Martin Luther Daycare provides children with nutritious meals and snacks that are delivered fresh every day and provided by Wholesome Kids Catering . Four week rotational seasonal menus are designed by qualified nutritionists and registered dieticians that meet or exceed the guidelines set out in the Child Care Early Years Act,  the recommendations set out in the Health Canada documents “Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide” and “Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating Guidelines”, as well as City of Toronto Assessment for Quality Improvement Requirements.

The menu selections offered provide variety as well as reflect the cultural diversity and preferences of the families and children enrolled in the Centre. Children registered in full time programs (6+ hours per day) are provided with nutritious hot lunches, as well as morning and (2) afternoon snacks with milk and/or water.   Meals and snacks are healthy and nutritional, and each meal includes at least four food groups, and snacks at least 2 (typically 3) food groups.

 Special Diets

In order to meet children’s individual needs, special dietary and feeding arrangements are provided by parents at enrollment and any time a change may occur.

Information shared by the parents regarding all religious or health-based food restrictions / requirements are communicated to the cater in order to ensure children’s dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Due to the possibility of severe (fatal) allergic reactions to peanuts and other nut products, our Centre is peanut free.