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Nutrition Information

Martin Luther Daycare provides children with nutritious meals and snacks that are delivered fresh every day and provided by Choice Children’s Catering. The menus vary each week to make sure children have the opportunity to eat both familiar and new foods. All menus are reviewed by a certified dietician, and food must meet Canada food guide requirements, as well as Toronto Children’s Services quality assessments.

Sample Menu Toddler
Sample Menu Preschool

We provide to our children: one morning and two afternoon snacks, and a hot cooked lunch. Breakfast is served to children in the before school program, but lunch is not served to school-age children.  Once a month we have acooking activity in the preschool and school-age program.

 Special Diets

The daycare supervisor will communicate all religious or health-based requirements to the caterer in order to ensure children’s dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Due to the possibility of severe (fatal) allergic reactions to peanuts and other nut products, our centre is peanut free.


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